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I want to post something for the New Year, but don’t want to do a traditional list of New Year’s Resolutions. So instead, I am going to serve up a list of wishes for the coming year, no matter how unlikely they are to come true. So here goes:

Everyone stops worrying about whether athletes stand or kneel during the National Anthem.

Someone writes a new tune for the National Anthem that the average American, whether standing or kneeling, can actually SING.

At its 2019 General Conference, the United Methodist Church gives up the futile attempt to accommodate the conservatives and progressives in the same denomination and admit that it is time for them to go their separate ways.

Effective measures are taken to prevent rampant voter suppression in 2020.

State income and property taxes will become deductible for federal taxes again.

A rational immigration policy will be designed ad implemented in the United States.

The presence of multiple cultural influences in the United States will be accepted as a great smorgasbord of diverse traditions rather than feared as a threat to the dominance of white European cultural traditions.

Religion becomes a force for freedom and not oppression.

Everyone is free to use restrooms that correspond with t heir personal gender identity.

Donald Trump decides the perks of the Presidency are not worth the aggravation, buys an uninhabited island, pronounces himself King, and spends his time tweeting all the royal decrees he wants.

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