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The Good, the Bad, and the Impossible

I have not come up with anything especially original or inspirational for a New Year’s message, so I am going to settle for the tried and true solution: a list of Resolutions.

So here goes:

To survive moving everything out of the condo and then back in a month or two later. (Please don’t ask why.)

To survive my probable embarrassment when my Republican Party chooses its presidential candidate.

To survive the probable embarrassment when Hillary beats said candidate .

Sell a million copies of my book.

Learn to set more realistic goals.

Start posting videos on YouTube.

Start posting podcasts.

Eat better breakfasts.

Keep up the journal I am thinking of basing my next book on.

Find some sort of healthy exercise regime that none of my doctors will veto.

Don’t let my cellphone battery run down so often.

Get rid of some of the stuff I haven’t used for five years.

Listen to opera more often.

Play the native American flute more.

Read the Kybalion.

Actually carry out some of the above resolutions.

Completely transcend all boundaries of gender, race, religion, class and sexual orientation, and then walk on water.

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